Baby Teeth Storage Box

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Being a parent is the most beautiful thing in the world.

The one thing all parents call agree on is that time flies by way too fast when our children are little. 

It's important to take take soak in every precious moment you can, take lots of pictures, and never say the word "no" to your children when they ask to spend time with you. 

This beautiful wooden Baby Teeth Storage Box will now let you create even more memories for your family, by letting you store each and every tooth lost by your child!

Ten years down the road from now you'll stumble upon the box, flip it open, and remember the excitement on your child's face the very day they lost each specific tooth. 

It will bring tears to your eyes thinking about how much your child has grown, and make you feel lucky to have witnessed it right before your eyes. 

Plus, it will be wonderful to share this box with your children when they're all grown up to show them how far they've come in life. 

It will strengthen the bond between you and your children even more.  

Normally these hand-crafted Baby Teeth Storage Boxes cost $39.99, but if you order today you can save 50% OFF+ FREE Shipping! For just $19.99, it's priceless compared to the amount of memories it will hold for you. 

  • Hand-crafted pinewood box with metal clasp (eco-friendly)
  • Holds up to 22 baby teeth
  • Not available in stores - order today!