Baby Carry Belt

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🙌 Today You've Found The Ideal Baby Carrier!


We respect the parents who suffer discomfort to wear their babies. But with this wrap carrier, we guarantee you no arm, waist or abdomen sore!


✅ Belly pain is reduced drastically by the sponge filled, mesh-like cushion on the belly belt. 

The hardest task to wear baby is in hot seasons because baby sweat causes rashes on hips.

But in Our Baby Carry Belt 2020, the mesh allows a flow of air through and keeps you and the baby cool.


Your back is completely secure from any ache since more the area the better is the pressure distribution.


✅ Your baby sits in a soft bottom such that it allows movement and growth of hips of the baby all the time and hence prevents hip dysplasia.

Avoid testing your baby's health by regular baby strings and Use Our Baby Carry Belt to make sure that your Lil one is comfortable no matter where you carry him.


GREAT CAPACITY - Can easily store baby diapers, wipes, or your phone which makes it super-convenient for outdoors

PREVENTS "O" SHAPE LEG - the angle at which the baby legs project is about 30 degrees which make sitting for long duration comfortable and

REDUCE TIREDNESS DRASTICALLY - The mesh cushion is soft and breathable so that your baby is doesn't sweat and the hips can be rash-free


Package includes:
1 * Baby Carry Belt
1 * Baby bib (of respective color)

Waist dimensions - Fit up to 41inches 
Max carry weight - 70lbs (31 kg)
Material - Non-toxic baby care