Automatic Cat Water Fountain

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When you're sleepy in the morning your cat might be dehydrating!


Timely control of cats' water will keep them healthy. Thus to improve your pet's health, prevent illness and ensure proper hydration, and give yourself a sound sleep you MUST have this Automatic Cat Water Fountain.


It has 3 appealing water settings to satisfy the picky drinkers. The ultra-quiet dr160 pump will make sure that you and your family get a sound sleep.  Energy-efficient circulation system oxygenates the water in the BPA free bowl which ensures that your kitty can enjoy toxin-free and odorless water. 



Triple filtration system reduces particles and contaminants to keep your kitty healthier and encourage to drink more. The filter removes excess calcium and magnesium from hard water which helps in retaining stray hairs and sedimenting debris. Easy to set up and clean. 


The adjustable flow modes encourage curiosity and attract pets so that they are more likely to drink more and stay hydrated. Plug it in and the fountain provides a gentle flow of moving water to the surface. Insert the flower accessory to create faucet-like streams of water that your cat will be sure to enjoy!



Cats need fresh water to stay hydrated and this Cat Water Fountain helps to prevent urinary tract infections and ensure propagating functions.


Never let your lovely kitty stay in thirst - Get this for your pet and they will love you more than ever!



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