2-in-1 Hair Brush Dryer

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Maximize Volume With This Hair-Drying Comb

We understand your pain, and also get it that regular blowdryers leave your hair frizzy & rough!


So we announce Ionic One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer, this causes your hair cuticle to close to prevent any damage & provides a sleek, more polished look.




✅ Reduce Your Drying Time & Keep Your Hair Safe: Tourmaline air technology - helps with frizz by releasing negative ions, creates shine, and minimizes blow-dry time 

 Get Great Volume!: The oval shape of the brush is designed so that it reaches to the root and provides huge volume!

 Anti-Frizz Oval Brush: Fine bristles with ball tips help to dry, smooth and style hair at the same time - This reduces frizz and tangling


✅ Variable Heat Option: You can choose between 3 different heat levels (cool, low, high) depending on your hair type, thickness or preference!

✅ Less Damage & Increased Shine: Ceramic coating protects hair from over-stimulation with even heat distribution that prevents heat from concentrating to one particular area.


✅ Easy To Use: Dries and volumizes in one step for less heat damage and beautiful full-bodied results. Start using it even on wet hair after shower without damaging your hair condition.


✅ Makes a Great Gift: A unique and amazing gift that your mother/girlfriend/daughter/friend will absolutely love and appreciate! Who doesn't enjoy little time-saving?


✅ Regular dryers make cuticle rough - But Not Ours!




The less time your hair is under heat, the healthier it will be

A great trademark for quality dryers (and also Ionic One-step Dryer) is that they Blow out negative ions to dry hair which reduces the duration of heat exposure to your hair!

Unlike Other Dryers, you can start using it even on wet hair & get your desired style safely and beautifully


PLUG TYPE: Ship with correct plug type based on your geographical location






For faster results, towel dry hair to remove excess water, then run a comb through damp hair to de-tangle for best results.

  • Separate hair into manageable sections.

  • For smooth blowouts, place the Volumizer close to the roots and brush down toward the ends. The mixed nylon-pin with rounded tips quickly detangle, while tufted bristles with boar technology gently grip hair to smooth out hair.

  • For voluminous blowouts, place the Volumizer under the hair close to the roots and roll outward to the ends. For Extra lift at the roots, hold the Volumizer for 2 to 3 seconds under the roots.


  • To curl ends IN, place the Volumizer UNDER the ends and hold or 2 to 3 seconds before rotating inward. To curl ends OUT, place the Volumizer OVER the ends and hold for 2 to 3 seconds before rotating outward

Achieve the dream hairstyle & smoother locks today! 🛒