Aluminum Tactical Military Mug

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Everyone knows how badass you are, but is your beer just as tough? If so, it needs to be drinking out of this solid aluminum Tactical Military Mug!

The design of this strong, durable mug is inspired by the barrel of an authentic AR-15. It can even be outfitted with tactical accessories, such as holographic scopes, lasers, and flashlights, and even bipods!

Not only does it protect your beer from enemies both foreign and domestic, it also keeps your beer colder for a longer period of time. But most importantly, it makes you look like a complete badass!

  • Keeps Beer Cold - steel design creates an insulating effect - keeping the beer cold on the inside, and preventing your body heat from warming it up
  • Easy to Take Anywhere - the handle is detachable letting you throw this in a backpack, fanny pack, rucksack, or whatever type of sack you prefer. Take it with you to the range!
  • Strong & Durable - each mug is chiseled out of a 10lb. block of aluminum - the final product comes in weighing a hefty 2lbs!

You love beer, and you love guns - why not combine both hobbies?

If you order today, you can save 50% + FREE Shipping!  Get yours today and you'll be more of a badass than you were yesterday.